torre-vinaria-03 A tower as a bulwark, a symbol of presence and a lookout and reference point in the whole Monferrato.
Its shape is unmistakable as its lure: planted in between the vineyards, bumps and ridges designed by vines and grapes of Barbera or Dolcetto, Moscato or Brachetto. An eye that’s been supervising for the last 60 years on wine-making methods and on the generations of men who have expertly created our DOC and DOCG wines.

torre-vinaria-02Finished to build in 1956 behind the design made by the oenologist Emilio Sernagiotto,it is one of the last three Vinery Towers still existing in Italy. Its particular form rationalizes the wine work following the principles of the “condominium”.
Its 17,850 hl capacity made it, since the beginnings, an ideal place to contain the wine during the year, thanks to its ability to keep the temperature constant and because the operation of emptying the tanks may simply take place thanks to gravity force.
Ask us to climb its 108 steps to enjoy the view of the surrounding vineyards and, on clear days, the snow-capped Alps from the Monviso till the Monte Rosa.