The wines of the vintage 2014 produced by La Torre di Castel Rocchero can boast the Vegan brand, certification managed by Certification Europe Italy. marchio vegan

This is a mark granted to those companies applying special attention in their production to minimize the use of materials, ingredients and procedures that involve the exploitation of animals, or derivatives thereof, either directly or indirectly.

Our production has always been meticulously and closely followed through all phases, from the vine cultivation till the bottling, and even without having direct knowledge, our procedures almost already ensured us the meet of the required criteria.

We are confident that in the coming years this alternative ethics to a more simple and healthy feeding, which has already many important testimonials all over the world, will have even greater spread. La Torre will closely follow this evolution in order to eventually revive its wines under the brand of the green sunflower.

The Vegan brand is in fact the oldest among many in circulation and is released directly from the English society that has dubbed this concept, through the Certification Europe Italy.