White wine – Bag in Box

The packaging Bag in Box is the modern version, safe and easy to handle, of the old carboys, and are entering the daily consumption of those wine lovers used to purchase it in bulk.
Thus our best red and white wines, which cover about half of the daily consumption, can keep all their characteristics unchanged.
La Torre presents its own white wine in the spring following the harvest; its lower alcohol content, makes it the classic companion of every day meals.
The vacuum package allows the consumer to taste it as it was just spilled from the barrel, even at a certain distance of time from the first opening.

Wine: White
Vineyards: from grapes obtained mainly from our members’ vineyards.
Harvest time: Mid September – End of September
Vinification: Soft pressing. Cleaning of the must decanting and start the fermentation temperature controlled for depletion of sugars.
Properties and characteristics: It has a pale straw yellow color, tending to greenish; a distinctive aroma, delicate, subtle but persistent; dry taste, harmonious, savory, pleasantly bitter.
Alcohol content: 12.0% vol.
Serving temperature: 10° -12°C
Serving suggestions: Excellent as an aperitif, it is also suggested with cold starters (vegetables, chicken salads), fish, risottos, creams and fish dishes with delicate meat.
Packs: 5 and10 lt.