Red wine – Bag in Box

The packaging Bag in Box is the modern version, safe and easy to handle, of the old carboys, and are entering the daily consumption of those wine lovers used to purchase it in bulk.
Thus our best red and white wines, covering more than half of the daily consumption, can keep all their characteristics unchanged.
La Torre presents its own Reds in the autumn after the harvest, preferring to age for a few months these wines rich in body and feelings, in order to give way to better express all their features.
In this case, the lower alcohol content, make them the classic companions of every day meal.
The vacuum package allows the consumer to taste them as it was just spilled from the barrel, even at a certain distance of time from the first opening.

Wine: Red
Vineyards: from grapes obtained mainly from our members’ vineyards.
Harvest: End of September – beginning of October
Vinification: Selection of grapes during the manual harvest, de-stemming, crushing and temperature-controlled maceration in programmable fermenters.
Properties and characteristics: Our first Red has a bright red color with tendency to garnet with aging; vinous smell with ethereal perfume; dry taste, quiet body, becoming more harmonious and pleasant, with proper aging.
Our second Red it has a bright red color with purple reflections, vinous pleasant perfume and a dry, velvety taste, harmonious with characteristic hints of almonds, moderate acidity.
Alcohol content: 12.5% ​​vol. for both
Serving temperature: 16° – 18°C
Serving suggestions: Our first Red goes well with pasta dishes, roast venison, boiled meats and cheeses; the second Red fits perfectly with pasta dishes, but also goes well with meat courses and more or less seasoned cheeses.
Packs: 5 and 10 lt. for both