Piedmont Moscato Raisin Wine DOC

For the production of this wine the best Muscat grapes are harvested in late October when the quantity of sugar reaches its climax. From that moment begins the long process of transformation that, passing through the withering of the grapes on the racks in a conditioned environment with controlled temperature and humidity, with the passing of time will enable those grapes delivering a great Raisin wine able to express sweetness but also complex aromatic sensations.

Vine: 100% Moscato
Vineyards: from grapes obtained mainly from our members’ vineyards.
Harvest: End of October
Vinification: Selection of grapes during the manual harvesting, drying on racks until reaching the optimal gradation, afterwards de-stemming and then separation and filtration of the must.
Average annual production: 2,000 bottles
Ageing: In barrels, not less than one year after the vintage production.
Properties and characteristics: It has a golden yellow color tending to amber, good structure, intense and complex perfume, with hints of dried fruit and a sweet taste, also harmonious and aromatic.
Alcohol content: 13.5% vol.
Garde probable: 4 years
Serving temperature: 10° – 12°C
Serving suggestions: It pleasantly accompanies dishes with very tasty cheeses, dry pastry, but all types of highly caloric desserts as well.