Dolcetto Grappa

La Torre has chosen to present in its production also a Grappa of Dolcetto, a perfect completion of a range of high quality wines. Obviously the Dolcetto, cause just starting from our own grapes, we consider their cycle ended only when also the pomace have expressed the ultimate scent to give life to a grappa with good texture but soft and balanced at the same time.

Vine: 100% Dolcetto
Vineyards: 100% in Castel Rocchero, Guyot simple breeding
Harvest: End of September – beginning of October
Vinification: Steam distilled pomace in copper stills.
Average annual production: 2,000 bottles
Properties and characteristics: It is practically colorless, crystalline. The nose perceives intense, clean and pleasing aromas of red fruit, with an almost imperceptible presence of alcohol. The taste is intense but can dissolve to a proper sweetness, remaining pleasantly soft.
Alcohol content: 42% vol.
Garde probable: 5 years
Serving temperature: Room’s temperature.
Serving suggestions: It normally accompanies the end of the meal, leaving the mouth clean and with a pleasant sensation of alcohol.