Brachetto d’Acqui Spumante DOCG

The most recent discovery of Piedmont wines for dessert, Brachetto is produced in a small area, between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, where you may find the roots of its long and fascinating history. A special wine that has always been drunk with great parsimony in the days of great occasions, and sometimes to satisfy the desire of effervescence and joy of children (given the low alcohol content), like the one of the elders.
Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG by La Torre in his Spumante version (with champagne cork and wire cage) should be served in small sized cups.

Vine: 100% Brachetto d’Acqui
Vineyards: 100% in Castel Rocchero, Guyot simple breeding.
Harvest time: Beginning of September – Mid September
Winemaking: Selection of grapes during the manual harvest, de-stemming, crushing and fermentation at low temperature for 24-48 hours in steel programmable fermenters.
Properties and characteristics: It has a ruby ​​red color with tendency to garnet clear and rosy, with persistent foam. In the perfume you may clearly capture the scents of rose and ripe fruit, while its taste is fresh, lively and with musk notes.
Alcohol content: 7.0% vol.
Garde probable: 2 years
Serving temperature: 8° – 10°C
Serving suggestions: Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG Spumante can be offered as an aperitif, but the most traditional combination is with dessert after a meal, or in the afternoon with dry pastry, pies and baked cakes in general. Wonderful companion of lightly sour fruit, such as strawberries and peaches, it gives good results in the preparation of wine cocktails, marrying it with liqueurs, bitters and vermouth.