Castel Rocchero, the castle on the rock

Castel Rocchero, the castle on the rock in fact, since the time when it was an ancient Roman military camp, it controlled and defended its territory and its most valuable asset: the vineyards and his crops.
This historical and methodical cultivation has finally been recognized worldwide with the entry of these hills in the buffer area protecting the six original sites belonging from May 2014 to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“These vineyards of southern Piedmont provide a living testimony to the traditions of ‘breeding’ and vinification, flowing from a hundreds of years repeating history and that have been continuously improved and adapted till the present day. A special kingdom rural, urban and social at the same time, witness of sustainable economic structures; all elements harmoniously built up, testifying both their history and the peasant practice.”

Nothing more than these official words can better express the excellence we always follow when producing the wines of La Torre.