November recipe: Bagna Cauda

BARBERASMALLNovember: it is the time of Bagna Cauda!

Bagna Cauda is a typical recipe of Piedmont, a traditional dish that involves and weaves Liguria and Piedmont products, from oil to wine, from anchovies to peppers, from garlic to our classic cardoon and that goes perfectly well with our Barbera d’Asti.

The friends of the Astigiani association celebrate each year this ancient collective ritual with a Bagna Cauda Day.

The original recipe – The Asti Delegation of the Italian Kitchen Academy, on February 7th 2005, has registered a recipe “to be considered as the most reliable and transmittable”, filed in Costigliole d’Asti under a registration signed by the notary Marzia Krieg, was chosen by the commission that has repeatedly gathered in order to taste and compare.

Ingredients for 12 people:

12 heads of garlic,

6 wine glasses of olive oil (extra virgin) and, if possible, a small glass of walnut oil

6 hectograms of Spanish red anchovies

Slice the cloves of garlic previously stripped and left without their bud. Place the garlic in an earthenware pan, add a glass of oil and begin cooking with very low fire, stirring with a wooden spoon and taking care it doesn’t brown; then add the desalted anchovies, without bones, washed in red wine and then dried, stirring gently. Cover with the remaining oil and bring the sauce to simmer for half an hour, making sure that the sauce does not fry. After cooking you can add, if you like a more mellow flavor, a bit of fresh butter. Pour the sauce into the appropriate “fujot” (earthenware stoves) and accompany it with the following raw vegetables: cardoon of Nizza Monferrato, Jerusalem artichokes, hearts of white cabbage, endive and escarole, fresh peppers or peppers under vinegar, raw onions or soaked in Barbera wine; or also cooked vegetables: red beets, boiled potatoes, roasted onions, fried pumpkin, roasted peppers. It is traditional to gather at the end the “thick part of the sauce”, scrambling an egg in it.

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