A renewed and elegant line for all the labels of La Torre di Castel Rocchero

We worked a lot on simplification “explains Gianpaolo Menotti, president of the winery” but we had no intention of altering our image, so along with our logo, we kept some important characteristics of the previous labels, such as shape, size and the lay-out of different elements “.

“We intervened modulating each color, and associating it every time to the different wine contained in the bottle and focusing it solely in the space that specifies the name and the denomination of the wine itself. Name and denomination have a better evidence and a greater readability while the whole set has a lighter impact, airy, anyway immediately recognizable “.

The overall weight of the elements in the lay-out, classical and traditional, has not changed. The logo, which continues to occupy the top of the label, the space for the term “Cantina” remaining the same, as well as the large square space where stands “La Torre Castel Rocchero”, which has always symbolized in the lettering the real scene which opens up to those who sight the cellar from the road.
The careful redistribution of color, however, has led to a neat and tidy stylization which favors the sequence of the four focal points assigning a clear meaning to each of them.

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