November and december in the vineyard

With the end of the harvest, most of the work is now done in the winery.
In fact, after having collected the last grapes, the vine enters the stage of dormancy which lasts until the beginning of spring.
The leaves, after taking their own Autumn color, yellow for the white grapes vines and red/purple for those with red grapes, because of the progressive disappearance of chlorophyll, start to fall down slowly: first those at the base of the shoots, then followed by the others.
The plant reduces its activities also in its lymphatic system, and although it seems to have no more signs of life, actually it is preparing itself for the next cycle when it will again give fruit.
In the vineyard everyone is carrying out maintenance works, like cleaning and turning the ground or pruning, essential operations for a good production of the vine in the next harvest.
Dormancy usually lasts until the month of March.




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