From Germany visiting La Torre

From Germany visiting La Torre
There are no stop visits to La Torre all through the year. They start to raise since the spring comes and the first weeks of summer, to increase even more in the periods related to the grape harvest and autumn. On last 1st July, 45 people came to our winery from Düsseldorf, led by Aldo De Cassan, one of our German partners.

It wasn’t a visit just like all the others: some of the guests have proven their skills with the technique of Sabrage, i.e. sabering by the manner of Hussars Napoleon’s officers our bottles of Chardonnay Piemonte Brut among the enthusiasm of all. The cheerings were many and to each of the braves was delivered a personalized scroll certifying their extraordinary ability .

At La Torre, between beautiful views and unforgettable toasts, you become friends.


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